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KeepKey acquired by crypto trading platform ShapeShift

Good news for KeepKey owners: ShapeShift announced today that the company is taking over KeepKey, the company behind the successful hardware wallet that operates under the same name. ShapeShift is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies. With this acquisition, KeepKey further expands integration with ShapeShift, and it becomes even easier to trade your cryptocurrencies through the KeepKey hardware wallet through the ShapeShift API.

On trading platform ShapeShift you trade only digital currency, and you do not need an account to do so.

Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, said: “Security is of crucial importance in the retention and trading of digital coins, and one of our priorities has always been to make the exchange experience as safe and easy for users as possible, and our link with KeepKey enables us to provide an unmatched customer experience.” ShapeShift recently raised $ 10.4 million during an investment round.

KeepKey owners can store their Bitcoins on their hardware wallet, but also trade them directly from the device, without even visiting a website.

The KeepKey integration with ShapeShift’s API has been around for over a year, and there is support for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies such as Ether, Litecoin, Dash and more.

ShapeShift will continue to produce and distribute the hardware wallet. This is very good news for the future of the KeepKey hardware wallet; with ShapeShift a huge party is behind the wallet, which promotes future updates and faster development.

ShapeShift also announced that the KeepKey brand and the product line remain the same and continue under the same flag.

Due to the increasing interest in the concept of digital currencies, a simple, user-friendly cold storage solution with native exchange functionality is a good basis for further adoption and popularity of crypto in general.

Using ShapeShift, users do not have to leave their valuable Bitcoins on a trading platform. And KeepKey does not require users to keep their money on a computer. This acquisition and native integration opens doors for trading crypto currencies in the safest way: your private keys are always offline, and the exchange takes place directly from the hardware wallet.

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