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The new Trezor T can be ordered now

Trezor T

SatoshiLabs, the producer behind the popular Trezor hardware wallet, announced yesterday that its latest hardware wallet – the Trezor T – is now available as pre-order. The pre-orders are in batches with different prices, ranging from 119 to 149 dollars. Expected delivery time of the first batch Trezor T’s is January 2018.

Pre-order the Trezor T

Most important changes Trezor T

Just like the first model Trezor, the hardware wallet saves your private keys and allows you to manage your cryptocurrencies. “Why do I have to order the Trezor T?”, we hear you say. Well, let’s have a look at the new functionality.


The biggest visible difference with its predecessor is that the Trezor T has a touch screen. The Trezor T is the second hardware wallet, after the Ledger Blue, with a touchscreen.

New firmware

Trezor T runs on completely new firmware, written “from scratch”, called the Trezor Core. This is just like the first firmware completely open source. According to SatoshiLabs, the new firmware offers room for safer and easier implementation of new functionality. You should think of support for new coins, for example.

Faster processor

The Trezor T comes with a faster processor, specifically an ARM Cortex-M4 168Mhz.

Micro SD slot

Thanks to the new Micro SD slot, it will soon be possible to store encrypted data on your hardware wallet, such as text and photo files.

Expected price

The actual price will soon be clear. Those who ordered one of the first batches yesterday, paid between 119 and 149 euros. It is expected that the final price will be higher.

Supported currencies

At this moment the Trezor T supports the following currencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Dash
  • Zcash
  • NEM

What does the introduction of the Trezor T mean for the Trezor 1?

The Trezor One will of course continue to be supported, and software updates will also continue to be rolled out for this.

How can I order the Trezor T?

The Trezor T can be ordered here. If you are there in time, the Trezor T will be on your doormat somewhere in January 2018.

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